XARM: where arm wrestling meets MMA

This is one of the weirdest ‘MMA killers’ ever!

Combat sports world is full of events created by people who love to say that mixed martial arts are no longer what they used to be. Some think that UFC and Bellator lack brutality and groin stomping, some think ten guys in the ring is better than just two. Time to meet the creator of the craziest and stupidest, to our mind, alternative to traditional MMA. The name is Art Davie and he is a co-creator of the UFC, which, he thinks, allows him to write ‘I was the guy who started this sport’ in his blog. After you watch this video you’ll probably feel happy for the fact that Dana White is in UFC and Art Davie is not.
The UFC killer is called XARM (pronounced Ex-Arm), which is a strange mixture of arm wrestling and traditional MMA. The fighters are tied together and then they punch each other wearing MMA gloves and sometimes they even wrestle. No kidding, that’s how the event that was meant to make you forget Conor and Ronda looks like.
In his blog Art Davie says that MMA is more of a spectacle than a sport today and quotes journalist Eddie Goldman, who said that real technique in MMA is gone: “today you push‘em up against the cage, tumble to the mat, throw punches and elbows on the ground….that’s called technique.” Okay, the described fighting manner may be not so technical but what do XARM and technique have in common then? The answer is ‘nothing’. If you feel like watching something really technique-al, here’s a good selection. There’re no XARM fights in it but it’s just a mere coincidence.