Wrestler escapes with an insane backflip!

That move made him a YouTube sensation!

Sometimes a single special moment determines the man’s future. That’s just what happened to Bekhan Goygereev, a wrestler from Daghestan, Russia. When he was a teenager, his elder brother took him to a wrestling gym. The kid didn’t like the training sessions too much and used every chance to play his favorite soccer instead of sweating in a gym. But one day, as Bekhan was walking along the street with his mom, they met his trainer who scolded Bekhan for laziness. “I was so ashamed my mom had to listen to all this stuff that I never missed my training any more,” Goygereev remembered later. God bless Caucasian teenagers and their respect for parents!
Today Bekhan Goygereev is one of the most prominent Russia’s wrestlers with a great number of wins, medals and titles on his record. He performs at 145 lbs. weight class. His name became well known to fans in 2013 when he at first became Russia’s national champion and then won the champ title at the Kazan Universiade. When it came to the finals, Goygereev’s opponent rushed for a single leg takedown and Bekhan escaped it in the most stunning way – he performed an insane backflip which could easily end in a serious injury but didn’t.
This move made Bekhan a YouTube sensation and if you watch the video you’ll see why. It is really crazy and risky but, well, everybody loves a winner so we guess the result was worth the risk.