Worst sucker punch in boxing history!

That’s pathetic. This guy has some screws loose.

After dropping a unanimous decision to Grant as part of a charity card to benefit the survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Butler executed the most cowardly sucker punch in boxing history. Following the announcement of the judges’ decision, the two boxers approached one another, presumably to exchange congratulations. Instead, Butler, his gloves removed, leveled Grant with a full-force, overhand right to the face. At the moment Grant was hit, he was in the midst of attempting to embrace Butler. Grant suffered a dislocated jaw and a severely lacerated tongue. Butler was charged with assault and spent four months in prison for the vicious and cowardly attack, one of the ugliest incidents ever seen in a prize ring and easily the worst cheap shot of all time. After that in 2004, he murdered his friend of ten years, Sam Kellerman, and burned down his home, for which he was sentenced to 29 years in prison.