Guy enters the ring but he is too shy to fight!

David’s fight plan makes his opponent Aaron Downey smile in astonishment!

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Almost every other movie dedicated to boxing or MMA gives us the idea that you must never surrender. Even when you keep losing, when no one believes you can be a success, you just keep training hard and the day will come. Someone should tell a fighter from Crisis MMA (Olympia, Washington, USA) David Correa that he watches too many motivating movies. The guy really needs to quit MMA as soon as possible.

He met Aaron Downey from WKX (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada) at the Total Mayhem 3 in May 10th, 2013. It was going to be a title fight, but it turned into no fight at all. Well, Downey was ready to fight, and he rushed forward right after the bell rang but – but what was the response? Some would call it a takedown attempt, but I’d rather say it was a dive. Correa grabbed Downey’s thigh and stuck to it. It’s really hard to describe the further course of the fight in terms of MMA – it was some freaky mixture of comedy, circus, theater, but it was in no way an MMA fight. Correa kept diving, gave opponent’s thigh loving hugs and – what a shame – curled up on the canvas asking to stop the punishment which hadn’t started yet. A title fight, you say? Well, if “Crisis MMA” enlists such a fighter for a title bout, then the team’s name fits perfectly.

For those who think I am too hard on the poor guy: this bout is not at all unique. Just google “David Correa” and you’ll find quite a number of videos with his, uhm, fights. It always goes the same way and the result is also the same. Don’t know, maybe he sponsors his gym – that’s the only possible reason why they still allow him to fight.