World record KO heavyweight: 3,5 Seconds

World record KO heavyweight – World’s fastest knockout!

Marian Rusu Knocks Out Ben Schneider after just 3.5 second. UCMMA 39, London, United Kingdom, May 3, 2014.

Four seconds into the fight and the champ is born! Romanian Marian Rusu seems to have surprised himself as much as his opponent. After his left hook downs Ben Schneider, Rusu still swings with his right, catching absolute void because Ben is already taking a nap.

The fight commences with Schneider’s advance. He is flailing away, apparently either to impress or stun the other fighter into awe and helplessness.  In this short spell we had no time to ask the man if the word ‘defense’ were known to him at all, while after Rusu’s punch in the jaw we’d better leave the question to his coaching team.  He does not look on top of his form, either, which is probably another reason why he feels like he has to end it here and now.

Anyways, the Welsh fighter loses and MMA has the absolute knockout record in heavyweight history