Wing Chun master stops a street brawler in a second!

Will it work, what do you think?

A street fight almost never lasts long but do you know how to end it as quickly as possible and come out a winner? Would you like to learn how to end a street fight and brutalize an attacker in a single second? Master Wong knows the answer.
This self defense coach reportedly lives in Ipswich, UK and calls himself a Wing Chun master, although there’s quite a number of those who call him a fake martial artist. It looks like he appeared almost out of nowhere (actually, he came to the UK from Vietnam), no one knows who his teachers were. According to Wong, the names of his teachers don’t matter as he doesn’t want to use them for self-promotion. He calls his fighting style a Wing Chun that keeps moving with the times and is adjusted to modern circumstances.
So Master Wong’s way to end and win a street fight as fast as possible is elbow guard and hammer fists. More hammer fists. As many hammer fists as you can land in a given period of time. Bend your enemy down to the ground and add even more hammer fists. His head, his neck, his back – just smash it, and the victory is yours. Years of practicing horse stance, meditation and finger pushups – forget it and simply bang the bastard down with a hammer fist until he ‘becomes so ugly that his own mother won’t recognize him’. He’s a real beast, this Master Wong.