Wing Chun master escapes the deadly chock hold!

Smashing nuts is the key!

If someone grabs you from the back and takes your head in a choke hold, that suggests something much more dangerous than an average street fight. The guy who tries to choke you from the rear is not a just a brawler but someone who wants to take your possessions or even life. So you have to act fast, act smart and get rid of the attacker as soon as possible. And that’s when master Wong’s advice could come in handy.
Wong’s game plan is to attack the most unprotected part of the villain and that is nuts. No one trains them, no one wears a groin protection in the street, so here’s your chance – you grab, press and pull and you can be pretty sure that the rest of the work will be easy. And even if you think this video is not as useful as it is meant to be, it’s fun to spend a couple of minutes to watch the hilarious master Wong.
If you’ve never met master Wong before, he’s a Vietnamese who moved to UK and now lives in Ipswich. Wong dubs himself a master of modern Wing Chun which, in his own words is “traditional aspects broken down, reanalyzed and improved to enhance our complete fighting system”. Some people say he’s a fake martial artist, some think he’s just a funny guy, some state he’s a real master. If you don’t yet know what to say about master Wong, check some other of his self-defense videos where he shows how to resist someone who gets in your face, ends a street fight in only one second and demonstrates how to deal with a boxer when it comes to a street fight .