Wing chun – how to destroy the boxer

Check out the master Wong’s technique!

Meet Michael Wong – a man who makes thousands of people wonder whether he is a real martial arts master or more of a show business guy. There’s not much known about him. The few confirmed facts are that he came to England at the age of ten as a refugee from Vietnam. Wong started training martial arts not to be bullied at school and five years later he went to Hong Kong and China to study there.

Unlike others, Wong never says who were his teachers. “It doesn’t matter who taught me as I don’t want to use my master’s name to promote myself. At the end of the day people are learning from me and can see what I can do, not my master”, – he says. Sounds very loud and proud, but still causes some suspicions, right? Those who study wing chun state that Wong’s techniques are in no way wing chun, not a traditional wing chun anyway. Master Wong’s answer to that is legitimate but somewhat cocky: “In order for Wing Chun to be effective in the modern world it must move with the times. Although our Wing Chun training does include all the traditional aspects, each of these parts has been broken down, reanalyzed and improved to enhance our complete fighting system. You can keep practicing your classic Chinese dancing or start learning the Master Wong System for real life fighting or self defence”.

But who really cares – the guy is fun to watch and it’s not just because of his accent or manners, though sometimes he really acts like a standup comedian. His moves may not be those of wing chun but he sure knows what he’s talking about. This video here is Wong’s version of proper defense in a street fight when you are attacked by someone who studied boxing. His opponent throws jabs only but if you want to see Wong’s methods against hooks or uppercuts – there’re also some videos available on Youtube.