Wild brawl ends in a knockout

The fight starts at 1:30 mark

Wild brawl between two heavyweights Wayne Johnson and Mark Jahad at XFP 3 in Raleigh, North Carolina on May 3, 2013.
The fighters decide not to touch the gloves and get straight to the fighting part. Both are looking for big punches, it’s Jahad who lets his hands go first. Johnson throws a low kick and eats a few punches in return. It looks like he could be rocked from one of those punches by Jahad, either way he drops down looking for a takedown in the middle of the cage. He takes Jahad down but only for a second before Jahad works his way to the cage and gets back up to his feet. Johnson refuses to give up on the takedown as he’s still holding one of Jahad’s legs.Johnson trips Jahad back to the ground but it’s not the position he was looking for as Jahad is sitting on his back. Jahad can’t capitalize tho and the fighters are back to their feet. Jahad pushes Johnson  against the fence, Johnson works his way out and lands a punch that drops Jahad. Johnson tries to follow up with more punches on the ground but Jahad seems to have recovered from the knockdown as he’s trying to take Johnson down but Johnson is sprawling successfully. And fighters are back to their feet once again, looking to land big punches. It’s Johnson who lands a big shot, that forces Jahad to back up. Johnson swings big but misses and Jahad lands his shot. He tries to follow up with a lazy and tired looking right hand that gets countered with a massive right hook by Johnson. The punch catches Jahad clean on the jaw, dropping him face first to the ground. The referee steps in and it’s all over, there is no ground and pound needed.