Wicked MMA KO at TWC 16

Brutal high kick knockout in a heavyweight MMA bout. Watch whole video for replay

Heavyweight MMA fighting is really something else. Just watching these super strong, super heavy giants move real fast and exchange blows that look as if they could easily knock down a brick wall, this is quite an experience. But when it’s a KO situation, it gets even better.

This video was taken in Lansing MI, a place known for its active MMA scene. It’s a heavyweight match, so it’s exactly like we said before, big guys, hard hitting, and the people in the crowd are just on the verge of losing their minds. This one will end in a way that you’ll think they totally went insane. Let’s have a look.

At first, it looks like the guy in the black has the upper hand. He almost literally throws his opponent against the net, sending plenty of punches his way. Technically, these seem to reach the target, but… The fighter in white pushes his opponent back, gets himself ready, makes a distracting move, and then the dude in black lands on the floor like a sack full of coal. Perfectly timed, hard, and incredibly precise, that kick to the head knocked him out good. Real good. You can almost feel the airwave from the screams of the crowd hitting you. Powerful stuff.