Whiplash self-Knockout!

Unlucky or stupid? Watch the video to make up your mind.

There are several ways to get KOed in a MMA bout. One way is to be much weaker than your opponent. Forgetting about the defense also helps a lot. But sometimes you just need to be terribly unlucky, like Zack Melton.

Melton had defeated Greg Wood at Pacific Coast Cage Fights 12 – UMPQUA Thunder before facing a National Guard PFC Devon Zeller in an amateur bout in Oregon in the year 2008. It felt that he could increase his winning streak being obviously taller than Zeller and probably more experienced. Yeah, we know that one fight doesn’t mean much but Zeller couldn’t boast even that kind of experience.

But MMA is not just about physique. Zeller’s successful takedown could easily transform to a side position and then a rear choke, so Melton had to think more about resistance than full scale assault. And he seemed to cope with his small opponent who stuck to him like a bullterrier. Melton managed to get on foot and was ready for revenge which was going to be a severe slam. Then it went like that – bang! Ouch! And a stunned body falls on the canvas. Surprisingly, that was Zack Melton’s body.

Unfortunately, there are no replays in this vid which could let us see the self-KO from various angles. But most  likely Melton’s head and neck were whiplashed by Devon Zeller’s arm. Man, that hurts.

Melton’s fighting career after that bout was absolutely unenviable with two losses by submission in 2010. Devon Zeller’s cage achievements are unknown but we know that went to Iraq in 2009 as a member of the Oregon Army National Guard’s 41st Infantry Brigade and safely returned home a year later.