When Size with No Skill Meets BJJ

There are tough guys and then there are trained martial artists.

A giant of a Florida man walked into Robson Moura BJJ Headquarters in Tampa, and challenged anyone there to fight him for $20. Moura, who competes in a gi at 140 lbs, is as ferocious as he wants to be, and offered the challenger a bet.

The 8X world champion said if he could beat the man within five minutes, then the guy had to sign up at the academy. Game on.

There were more taps than a typing pool.

“I have a bad shoulder,” blurted the challenging giant as a left armbar was applied. Moura transitioned, and the pair continued. When Moura got a right armbar, that one turned out to be bad too.

“Screw here,” said the huffing and puffing giant. “You win.”