What to do when some one gets in your face

Wing Chun master mauls the guy who got in his face!

You’re walking along the street and suddenly a guy bumps in your face. What is he up to? Does he just want to scare you or is he looking for a fight? Of course, there’s always a small chance he’s blind but in most cases getting in your face means a conflict.

Wing Chun master Michael Wong is sure that a problem like that must be solved quickly, without hesitation, once and for all. In this short video Wong gets straight to the point – position is the key. Keep your chin down, hold your hands high enough to prevent punching and take the stance that will protect you from kicks or knees to the groin. And then don’t hesitate to attack. A head butt to the offender’s face or chest or a vicious knee to the groin – it’s your call.

For those who don’t know who is master Wong: some people say that he’s just a funny guy who likes to record self defense videos, some state that he’s a real martial artist. He csme to UK from Vietnam and lives in Ipswich now. No one knows who his teachers were but master Wong says that doesn’t matter: “It doesn’t matter who taught me as I don’t want to use my master’s name to promote myself. At the end of the day people are learning from me and can see what I can do, not my master.” He also dubs himself the inventor of modern Wing Chun which he describes as ‘traditional aspects broken down, reanalyzed and improved to enhance our complete fighting system.’ Click here and here to watch other self defense video guides by master Wong .