What are martial arts – when expectation meets reality

A truth is often told in a joke.

Everyone who ever trained martial arts, no matter if it was boxing, karate, MMA, taekwondo or anything else, remembers his first day. My first day in kyokushinkai dojo ended with a nasty eyebrow cut and a strong feeling of being torn in two after stretching. If you are going to become a fighter, day after day you get beaten, bruised, broken and humiliated by other guys – what a great way to tame your ego and balance your self esteem! Even if you are doing well in a ring and already got some martial arts experience – you never leave the gym undamaged.

That’s just why this video created by the guys from Team PTX is so true, at least the muay thai part of it, though it might seem a bit exaggerating. One of the comments under it tells: “There’s a reason guys in this sport are (typically) really good dudes. It’s hard to be super macho/be agressive/egoistical when you spend your whole day being beaten down by killers”.

So if you are not one hundred percent sure if you should go to a gym or not – keep in mind the fact that training never looks like in any of the sports movies. “Our workouts are easy as a punch to a jaw”, a British mixed martial artist Tom Watson once said. Quite true, Tom, and they are just as hurting sometimes. But training martial arts is still the biggest fun ever invented.