Werdum cuts down a journalist with a killing low kick!

Werdum claims the kick was only 40% of the maximum power.

Years ago anyone who wanted to be a successful and well known journalist had to be smart, witty, intelligent, or at least literate. Today to be called a popular journalist you just need to let someone kick your ass in front of the camera. This is what we would call an “Aaron Tru syndrome”.

In fact, Aaron Tru is a skilled videographer and he’s got a plenty of other talents but getting punched, kicked and slammed is just what he’s mostly famous for among MMA fans. When no one expected Ronda Rousey to become a UFC super weapon he met her and questioned her abilities to confront a male. We just couldn’t help admiring his courage when he didn’t tap the first time he was slammed. In 2014 he was attacked by Stephen Bonnar who tried to rear choke him in the end of an interview. Cris Cyborg folded him in half with a spinning back kick. Anyone who were at his place would think it’s enough and switch to some other, less harmful occupation. But Aaron never gives it up.

His video with Fabricio Werdum appeared on Youtube on June 8, 2015, less than a week before Werdum’s win over Cain Velasquez at UFC 188. Tru asked Werdum to shoot a leg kick – and his wish came true just as good as if it was written in a letter to Santa. The kick was in no way a bomb but Aaron fell on the mat in anguish. Fabricio claimed he used only 40 percent of his power and promised to land a 100 percent leg kick next time. Would be safer for Aaron if Werdum forgets about it.