Weightlifters ARM SNAPS as He Tries to Lift 429lbs

Warning: Graphic content

After the French gymnast Samir Ait Said broke his left leg during the vault another unfortunate accident occurred on Thursday in Rio Olympics 2016. Armenian weightlifter Andranik Karapetyan crashed out of the Olympics in agony as his left elbow gave way during a second attempt to lift 195kg (429lbs).

The 20-year-old was one of the favourites for the 77kg (169lbs) and strode onto the stage with the confidence befitting a European champion and lifted the vast weight onto his broad shoulders. But when he attempted the clean and jerk, his left arm gave way and he had to take evasive action. As the vast weight crashed to the mat, medical officials rushed to attend to the unfortunate young Olympian. Seconds earlier, he had appeared a certainty for a medal – which would have been Armenia’s first of this Olympic Games – but his dreams were cruelly shattered in the most devastating circumstances.

Early suggestions were that the Armenia had suffered a dislocated elbow. Karapetyan was later seen being carried in to an ambulance on a stretcher on a saline drip. His Armenian team-mates and the coaching staff all appeared very shaken up by the incident. Kazakhstan’s Nijat Rahimov was the eventual winner, snatching victory from China’s Lu Xiaojun with Mohamed Ihab Youssef of Egypt taking bronze .