Vladimir Putin is a black belt in Judo.

His black belt in judo is fully deserved!

Where do Putin’s badassery and machismo come from? What makes Russia’s president and the former prime minister do stunts, tranquilize tigers, go to a horse riding with bare torso? “He has the psychology of a winner, the psychology of the victorious,” says Georgy Kukoverov, chief of judo school in Putin’s native Saint-Petersburg. While Putin sometimes fails to achieve his goals on the international scene, he’s absolutely dominating in a gym, even if his opponents are the members of Russia’s national judo, sambo and wrestling teams. ‘Oh, they just allow him to win, that’s it’, you would say. Maybe, but be honest – if you were to roll with Putin, wouldn’t you be scared, just a little bit?
This video here was taken in 2010, after Putin had handed his presidency to Dmitry Medvedev and became Russia’s prime minister. He arrived at the brand new sports hall in Saint-Petersburg, accompanied by a whole bunch of journalists and photographers and spent some time showing his judo skills. And, well, his slams were not at all bad for a 57-year-old politician – Putin’s advocates can only be sorry that their idol cannot use slams, locks and chokes during negotiations.
That was Putin’s second visit to the headquarters of the judo national team in a year and rumors have it that he even offered his help to Russia’s chief trainer, Olympic gold medalist Ezio Gamba, as a member of the squad. The Russians would have won all gold medals and titles in the world should they have him on the list, for sure.