Vicious high kick knockout

Fighter puts and end to the fight with a wicked head kick. Watch the whole video for replay!

Swiss fighter, Benjamin “El Skeletto” Brander stepped into the ring at the Shooto Switzerland MMA finals against Fares Jmour and needed just 37 seconds to get the victory. The referee’s instructions took nearly as long to deliver as the entire fight. Brander delivers some solid leg kicks to start off that keeps Jmour at a distance before delivering the knockout blow.

The final kick lands just behind the ear and Jmour falls straight back like a tree that has just been chopped down. The ref quickly calls a stop to the fight and Brander gets his hand raised. For his part Jmour looks pretty clear headed during the decision, considering the severe knockout he just suffered. His corner man, who looks a lot like him, seems to be taking it the hardest as he walks out of camera range.

The interesting this bout this fight is that Brander only threw one punch (that didn’t land) and four total kicks (including the knockout blow). Talk about efficiency. The Swiss welterweight went on a four fight win streak after this match before finally losing at Cage Warriors Fighting Championship 64.

He returned to Shooto Switzerland in June of 2014 and got a victory over Boy Roy Reuvers with a second round submission. No matter what he does in his career this KO will be one of the top highlights that will play over and over.