Vicious 12-second high kick knockout

Watch the whole video for replay!

Going into any fight both fighters think they are going to win. After all, who goes into battle thinking they are going to lose? Besides the New York Jets?

Both Lam Pham and Reuben Perez gave pre-fight interviews in which they predicted victory via KO. They squared off at CAMMO Invincible and gave the crowd something to cheer for. Of course only one of them could be correct in their predictions.

Pham comes out throwing some kicks just get the range. They don’t have too much power behind them. However, when Perez throws his kick it is not to get range or to set up another strike. He throws his only kick of the fight with bad intentions and catches Pham on the side of the head and sends him directly to the canvas.

The sound of shin connecting to skull is sickening but you can also clearly hear Pham’s head as it bounces off the canvas. The ref wisely jumps in to protect Pham against any further damage and Perez walks away with a first round KO.

The fact that Perez had to throw only one single kick to end this fight is pretty impressive. I advise you to watch this a few times just to hear the sound of Perez’s kick landing against Pham’s skull. It is both disturbing and beautiful at the same time.