VanZant Flies High For A Kick Finish

One of the best kicks in MMA history..

The fight started with VanZant darting out to meet Rawlings. She then employed low-percentage strikes such as a jumping switch kick. Rawlings was well out of range, but VanZant was showing off her skills. Rawlings looked like the more composed fighter and was forcing VanZant to circle on the outside.

But 12 Gauge finally clinched up with Rawlings and landed a good knee in her center. Rawlings responded with a knee of her own when the two broke free. Each time VanZant tried to close the distance, Rawlings scored with crisp punches.

VanZant showed plenty of movement, but getting inside her opponent’s range proved difficult.The start of the second confirmed that notion. VanZant opened the round with a low leg kick. Then the aforementioned jumping switch kick found its mark. Rawlings hit the canvas in a heap, and VanZant pummeled her with hammerfists until the referee stopped the fight just 17 seconds into the second round.