Up kick KO. Knockout of the Night Highlight EFC AFRICA 08

Alex Cheboub vs Mark Jones is a fight with a twist.

Alex Cheboub vs Mark Jones is a fight with a twist. Astonishing KO was suddenly performed by the fighter who seemed to have been defeated already. This night highlight should not be missed! It’s awesome!

The Extreme Fighting Championship organizes 10 live MMA events a year. Being a huge promoter of mixed martial arts EFC Africa provides spectacular action-packed episodes for the fans of the event that is broadcast globally. The viewers can see many brilliant moments similar to the one you’ve seen.  EFC Africa offers the most unbelievable bouts for you.

Pro lightweight fighter Alex Cheboub teaches a lesson to us: there is always chance to defeat the opponent even when you are cornered. He looked helpless with his back on the canvas but he still made a rush and in a second the power balance changed. What’s your secret, Alex? I bet that was the most unpredictable attack not only for the viewers but for the opponent as well. Superb technical performance and cool blood are two factors that made him win.

Alex Cheboub aka the Professor was almost defeated when he gathered all his might to attack the opponent.  Even a grip of steel could do nothing about such brilliant technique! Such moments are highly anticipated and we are lucky to see it now.

Extreme Fighting Championship in Africa sets the attendance records for MMA events. There is no need to wonder over it as such incredible moments are rare and it is better to see them live. This is an incredible bout to remember long.

When the fighter is vulnerable this is a serious test. Not all can manage the situation like Alex did.  That was a perfect timely kick! It threw the opponent back. Then he KOed the opponent with punch.

Every MMA fan adores great knockouts so this is a truly memorable thing worth watching many times on end.  It reminds us how unpredictable this kind of sport is.