Unexpected high kick knockout

Crowd goes wild as Jeremiah Yager gets knocked out about 40 secs in.(The fight begins at 1:30 mark)

Dominic Mazzotta brings Jeremiah Yeager on the floor way before the clock hits 1 minute. A brilliant head kick knockout.
This Gladiators of the Cage fight took place at Stage AE in Pittsburgh. Truly a big event, and you can tell. The crowd goes wild as Dominic Mazzotta and Jeremiah Yeager enter the ring. Mazzotta, also known as The Honey Badger, definitely looks ready for some action. The camera zooms in to his face, and the fight is off to a fast-paced start.

A few punches are thrown in the air, and then it’s a high kick attempt for Yeager, well-blocked by Mazzotta. Is this the way this fight is going to go? The Honey Badger looks as if he does has something on his mind. A few more punches and low kicks by Yeager, calmly blocked by Mazzotta who has yet to deliver a move in this exciting gight. And then he does deliver one, a perfectly timed high kick that sends Yeager to the floor. He got too caught up and distracted thinking about his next punch and his next kick, and this is exactly where Mazzotta got him. Well done, really well done.

The crowd explodes into wild cheering. What brilliant timing and technique. Mazzotta was ready for some follow-up action, but the head kick was so precise his only action was a brief bow, a symbolic end to an amazing, albeit brief fight.