Unboxing with Mike Tyson

He’s getting soft in his old age

Mike Tyson used to say he’s better than Mohammed Ali. That’s a controversial issue from the boxing point of view, but Mike is surely a bigger media person. He talks more, surprises more, shocks more – his public speeches are an unusual mixture of ghetto talk and literary speech. We all know now that boxing is very much about mental work, and the word ‘boxer’ is no synonym for ‘dumb’, that’s true. But still – do many boxers speak of Tolstoy and Hemingway just as freely as of Lewis and Holyfield? Mike does. He states his everyday vocabulary counts more than 20 thousand words and that seems to be true.
Love him or hate him, one thing is true: Mike Tyson is unique and attracting attention. There’s some bitter humor in the fact that he had to get in all kind of trouble to undergo a crucial change and become someone bigger than just a scary, brutal, almost insane killing machine. The guy who, according to his own words, was busy acquiring riches, then lost almost everything. The “used-to-be” Tyson was the founder and the follower of his own personality cult. Today Tyson is a forty-plus year old man whose significant trait is self-irony. And self-irony often makes a good comedian.
“I can quit boxing now and practically go into any kind of business and I’ll be successful just as well as I was in boxing”, Mike Tyson once said. Check this video and a huge number of others on Youtube – you’ll see Mike doesn’t lie.