Unbelievable punch KO.

A stunning strike leads “The Angel of Death” to the 19th victory. Watch the whole video for replays.

Being a vet doesn’t mean being weak and useless, not for Damacio “The Angel of Death” Page. The 32-year old fighter with a record of 19-9 gained a highlight-reel victory over Brian Hall (7-2) at LFC 36 on October 16th in Allen, Texas. Hall wasn’t at all bad – he managed to land a solid left hook in the very beginning of the bout, he went on with a knee strike and another hook and for a moment you could think that the fight can turn either way easily.

However Page didn’t think so. At 1:48 he twisted the plot most radically and violently landing a great overhand right punch precisely to Hall’s jaw. Page’s hook sent Brian stone cold to the canvas and brought “The Angel of Death” a new, fully deserved, flyweight belt.

This epic win caused a new wave of rumours of Page’s possible UFC comeback. He’s already was a UFC member in 2011-2012, but all three bouts he had then – against Brian Bowles, Brad Pickett and Alex Caceres – ended with a loss. Still Damacio Page is probably one of the fighters UFC needs – flyweight and one-punch KO rarely go together and such a combination is great for any fight night. And Page’s desire to share his skill with the UFC audience is clearly seen from his interviews – you may be a vet and still have something to prove in the cage.