UFC vet floored by a head kick in the most brutal fashion

Davis: “Time I think has caught up with me”

In his recent interview to UFC.com Marcus Davis who switched to coaching from fighting remembered: “I was over in Arizona, and I lived there for four to six months. People would hear my accent, I said I was from Maine, and they would say ‘Maine people are such hard workers.’”
In this case, Davis was a typical New England fighter; he was a hard worker in the cage, who experienced not only 22 victories but also 11 defeats. After he lost to Chuck O’Neil via split decision at W-1 MMA 7 Reloaded in 2011, he decide to switch to kickboxing for a while and that change was a bitter one.
Davis was to fight in the main event of International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) “Worlds Collide” event on May 6, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland against the Irish Muay Thai artist Mark Casserly. Emotions got high at the National Basketball Arena as Davis unleashed a ferocious attack on Casserley and pressed him to the ropes at the very start. Davis’ punching was hard but not damaging enough as Casserley used his great footwork to stay out of trouble. Finally the Dubliner reached the distance needed for a head kick and landed a nastiest shot that dropped Davis to the mat immediately. It seemed that the head kick came just out of nowhere and it was absolutely deadly.
After a highlight reel defeat Davis decided that it was about time to quit fighting. He apologized to his fans on Facebook: “Sorry all.. I’m just not pulling the trigger like I did even 5 years ago. I have days in the gym where i cant be touched but days where I’m lethargic. Consistency is key to being a professional fighter. My reactions have slowed. I’m not going to make my decision now until I am with my family but this wouldn’t have happened 10-5 years ago. Time I think has caught up with me.”
However, before Davis actually retired he had five more fights in the cage, scoring two wins and two losses, one bout, against Waachiim Spiritwolf, ending a no contest. Later Davis started a new chapter in his MMA career as he became a coach for UFC middleweight Tim Boetsch.