UFC Rising: Conor McGregor

Rising UFC star Conor McGregor breaks down his own fights with Kenny Florian.

You can either love him or hate him. You can either hope to see him win with a brutal knockout or watch his fights hoping he will get finished in brutal fashion himself. But it’s hard to deny the fact that Conor McGregor has become one of the biggest stars on the UFC roster in less than 2 years. He has had 5 fights in the UFC, winning all 5 of them in impressive fashion, going to a decision just once. Every single one of his four TKO finishes in the UFC earned him a performance bonus. His ability to market himself combined with his fighting skills landed him a title fight against the UFC Featherweight Champion José Aldo, the fight is expected to happen this summer. In this video Conor breaks down his wins against Diego Brandão and Dustin Poirier, both of them were finished in the first round. The finish against Brandão starts with a left high kick, followed by a hook kick that stuns Diego. Conor continues the assault with Diego against the fence, landing a brutal punch to the body followed by punches to the head. Diego falls to the ground, now all Conor has to do is throw some punches to make the referee step in to stop the fight because Diego can’t intelligently defend himself anymore. In his other fight against Dustin Poirier Conor starts with a sneaky lead hook kick that can’t be seen coming from his stance. The kick didn’t land but the move sent Poirier a clear message that he’s in for a tough fight. What we see next is a punch with Conor’s left hand catching Dustin clean on the chin. He’s rocked by that shot, stumbling on his feet. Conor smells the blood and throws another left hand, it’s a grazing shot but it still floors Poirier. Conor follows him to the ground landing a few clean punches right to Poirier’s chin, He’s out of the fight and can’t defend himself anymore, the referee Herb Dean has seen enough and stops the fight. ”If I hit you when I hurt you, you don’t get away”.