UFC releases an epic Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor pireview video

December 12 is going to be a slugfest!

With less than ten days left before what could be called the most expected fight of the year, UFC doesn’t seem to hype the clash between McGregor and Aldo too much. That’s easy to understand; previous promotion campaign, with its world tour, numerous pressers, the opponents exchanging harsh words in public, endless number of videos ended a failure just because of Aldo’s rib fracture. However, Aldo and McGregor had done and said so much since the beginning of the year, it’s still enough to make an extended preview clip.
Actually, UFC 194 Extended Preview features nothing new. You must have been living on the North Pole for quite a time if you’ve never heard McGregor’s ‘I swear by God his day will come’ or Aldo’s ‘Oh, he’s just a clown’ before. What you really cannot miss here is Dana White’s and Joe Rogan’s opinions on the upcoming fight. They still over praise McGregor, but on the other hand both Conor’s biggest fans admit that everything the Irishman has said and done before the fight will make Jose Aldo only more dangerous.
That is the kind of lyrics we’ve never heard before. And, perhaps, we have to thank Holly Holm for that. There was hardly anyone among UFC brass who had expected her to win the battle against Ronda Rousey, not talking about absolutely stunning way it happened. All praises were sent Rousey’s way and, god, you should have seen White’s and Rogan’s faces in the octagon when ot was all over. If a thing like that happens again, if a much-hyped fighter gets destroyed in an embarrassing fashion, that can easily make UFC a laughing stock.
Seriously, even if Conor McGregor is the favorite for the UFC 194 headliner, Jose Aldo cannot be compared to Chad Mendes, Dustin Poirier or Dennis Siver. He remains unbeaten for a decade, he’s good both in striking and grappling and, well, he’s the champion. In fact, it’s McGregor, who has to try his best and prove that he really can back his words up.