UFC on FOX 20 Weigh-Ins: Felice Herrig vs. Kailin Curran

This is gonna be a “beautiful” fight

No one can accuse us of not taking women’s MMA seriously enough. We respect it. We bring you the latest fights and highlights and it’s big business. But there’s no harm in occasionally taking a step back and admiring a little bit of beauty every now and again, is there? We don’t think so. Sure, I’m writing this up before it all happens because it would be tough to write it as it happens – that’s not how introductions work – but let’s all pretend that Felice Herrig got naked and just wowed everyone.

Actually, that would be an interesting tactic for a chick to take. Do one of those painted on swimsuits for weigh ins. You’d have like, what, an ounce of paint on? So that brings us one to the small matter of a weigh-in from a little while back now that saw blonde bombshell Felice Herrig take on Nicdali Calanoc. And the two of them squaring up? Well, it was quite a sight… Anyways. Enjoy the video and nudity.