UFC Fighter Roy Nelson Kicks Referee

Honorable by Nelson. Much respect.

Nelson earned his win after landing a massive uppercut that sent Silva crashing to the canvas in the second round. The former “Ultimate Fighter” winner followed up with a few more haymakers on the ground as he awaited referee “Big” John McCarthy to stop the fight. After the last shot landed, McCarthy stepped in and saved Silva from suffering any more punishment, but Nelson was not satisfied with how long it took the referee to call the fight. As McCarthy loomed over Silva to check on his condition, Nelson came back over and push-kicked the referee from behind in a moment of agitation after what he believed was a late stoppage.

“When you knock somebody out you already kind of know, it’s like a home run. I could do the Mark Hunt and just walk off but for me I just wanted to knock him out but then I have to throw more punches,” Nelson said after the fight. “He’s my friend, he has to go to a family, to me it’s like I know I already won. What’s the sense?”

Touching the referee could potentially land Nelson in hot water with the Brazilian athletic commission, but for now the American will celebrate the victory after his eighth finish in the UFC by knockout or TKO.