UFC 203: Top 5 Main Card Finishes

All the super slow motion gave me so much anxiety

Now, to whet the appetite of fans before Saturday, the UFC have released a highlight reel of the Top 5 Main Card Fighter Finishes. Of course they have.

Featuring Miocic, Overeem, Werdum, Brown and Faber, the respective skill sets of the fighters and their devastating finishes are on show. It’s four minutes of mayhem that will surely leave fans looking forward to Saturday’s main event with barely contained excitement. Based on the evidence of the UFC release, the two heavyweight clashes are likely to feature some incredible and bone splintering bombs from all four men, with both fights having the potential to be over quickly.

Fans will all surely agree that the referee is going to have a busy night, waving off one fighter while the other lies crumpled on the floor of the octagon. UFC 203 the main event sees a titanic heavyweight title clash between Stipe Miocic and the marauding Englishman, Alistair Overeem. There is little expectation of a McGregor-Diaz style 25 minute main event battle, as both Miocic and Overeem are big bomb specialists so one or the other is bound to walk into a thundering fist before long. Also on the main card is another heavyweight clash, between former champion Fabricio Werdum and Travis Browne. Again, no chance of this one going the distance.