UFC 203 Presents “Fight Motion”

UFC 203 was wild and definitely entertaining.

Last Saturday, the UFC returned to Cleveland Ohio with UFC 203. Packed to capacity with wild knockouts, slick submissions and back and forth wars, the card delivered as an unforgettable one for fans watching live in Cleveland and those tuning in on screens around the world. It was a wild night of mixed martial arts (MMA) fights that had a little something for everyone. In addition to the standard knockouts and submissions, UFC 203 also featured a bevy of eye pokes, groin shots, phantom taps, coach fights, controversial decisions … you name it. You can watch some (but not all) of those highlights in the “Fight Motion” video embedded above.

Thanks to the video above, which was posted to the UFC’s official YouTube channel on Tuesday, you can watch all the many hellacious impacts of UFC 203 in awesome slow motion.