UFC 200: Brock Lesnar highlights

Who do you think will win Lesnar or Hunt?

Lesnar’s first stint with the UFC was a spectacular comet. It reached dizzying heights quickly, only to burn out and fade with just as much intensity.

What you remember about Lesnar’s UFC career probably depends on your personal feelings about the fighter. There was the champion who captured the imagination of fans with a gutsy title defense against Shane Carwin. There was also the man whom Cain Velasquez put in a fetal position in the first round.

Part of that quick descent was a turn for the worse health-wise. Lesnar battled diverticulitis and had 12 inches of his colon removed.

Lesnar will be 39 just three days after UFC 200. Just how much he has left in the tank after a career filled with the rigors of MMA, professional wrestling and collegiate wrestling is an intriguing question. It’s his own curiosity that brought him back into the cage to begin with.

“I [considered coming back] for a while, and really I was standing there one day on my property [in Canada] and just thought, ‘It’s time,’” he said, per Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times. “I’m a person who pulls the trigger. I don’t want any regrets. That’s how simple it really was. I didn’t want to be sitting around the rest of my days on this earth wondering why I didn’t step back in the cage again, so here we are.”

At his best, Lesnar possesses a freakish blend of size and athleticism that makes him one of the most unique spectacles in combat sports. At his worst, he’s the personification of “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.”

Either way, his return will be worth watching.