UFC 200: Brock Lesnar destroys Mark Hunt

Watch the full fight below:

Lesnar made a UFC-record $2.5 million guaranteed purse for his first bout since late 2011, returning to the sport where he won and lost the heavyweight title during a meteoric MMA career. Although he walked away after consecutive losses and serious health problems, he couldn’t stop thinking about a return while racking up easier money in the WWE.

The main-event star of UFC 100 seized the opportunity to be on another landmark show, and his performance showed that his inimitable athleticism hadn’t diminished. Lesnar never wandered into trouble against the famously heavy-handed Hunt, repeatedly taking down his veteran opponent and keeping him pinned to the canvas.

“I wanted to finish the fight, but the guy’s got a coconut head,” Lesnar said. “My ground-and-pound, I’m sure he’s going to feel it tomorrow, just as I’m going to feel his punch tomorrow.”

Lesnar dominated the final three minutes, punishing a prone Hunt with his cartoon-sized fists. All three judges scored the bout 29-27 for Lesnar, who sounded tentatively interested in another MMA bout — after he performs for the WWE this summer.

“It’s really too soon, and I have no idea (about continuing in the UFC),” said Lesnar, who turns 39 on Tuesday. “I believe any man can do whatever he wants to if he puts his mind to it. I’ve been out of this game for five years, and I trained for six weeks. … I think I’m top 10. That puts me right back in the game. “