Two knockdowns and a knockout in less than a minute!

He didn’t want to leave it to the judges!

When GLORY released their best knockouts selection we had no doubt this fight will take some decent place in it. The epic battle between Davit Kiria (black) and Andy Ristie (green) for the lightweight belt which took place on March 8, 2014 (Zagreb, Croatia), put both athletes to the toughest test but there was only one who passed it well.
While the opening round was actually an even game, things turned really bad for Kiria in the second one. The winner of GLORY 13, Andy Ristie knocked him down with a vicious knee and pressed on. Kiria managed to get back in the fight and turn tables with his unorthodox kicks based on the Ashihara karate background but failed to hit the target several times.
When the last minute of the final round began, few were thinking the fight wouldn’t end by decision. However, Kiria had something different in mind. An alarm bell rang for Ristie when, after a shot exchange, Kiria landed a huge punch which would have dropped Ristie but for the ropes. The referee intervened for a count and right after it Kiria rushed to finish his opponent. This time he floored Ristie for another knockdown and another standing eight count. The referee found Ristie good to continue and Kiria landed a killing left hook which knocked Ristie out cold.