Two cops try to outwrestle one MMA fighter!

This guy is a double danger: he knows BJJ and wields a knife!

MMA is spreading around the world alongside with the traditional martial arts and boxing which means that more and more people learn how to fight and grapple. Time to celebrate? Well, it could be, if everyone who knows how to fight was a knight in the shining armor and concentrated on protecting the weak and competing with the strong. However, some guys think that combat sports is all about beating the hell out of somebody you don’t like. And when the time comes to call the villain to order, his skills become a great problem for any law enforcement officer.
What it takes to arrest a guy who knows Brazilian jiu-jitsu? And what if he has a knife on him? Gracie Academy instructor Brian “T-City” Ortega and two unknown police officers know the answer. The cops roll with Ortega for several minutes and though they disarmed him pretty soon, it took them quite a time to put handcuffs on the ‘suspect’. We have to admit, that Mr. Ortega is a great actor. His best role, of course, was Bubba-the-Dummy in Rener Gracie’s hilarious prank but he is also very convincing as an armed criminal.
The whole fight looks quite funny but it’s a part of the Gracie Survival Tactics (GST) program which was developed to teach military and law enforcement specialists how to defend and counter physical assaults. The video actually shows the last day of training when two officers were chosen randomly to take part in an Arrest Simulation Drill. And though the cops had to sweat a bit, they finally arrested Ortega without a single strike or usage of such equipment as batons. In fact, Brian Ortega didn’t even have the chance to use his knife!