TUF veteran suffers 7-second knockout in Brazil

A good hard kick in the face

Bruno Silva is a veteran of The Ultimate Fighter 4 Brazil. He was hoping to add another win to his record at Aspera FC 44 which was held in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Unfortunately for him, when got into the ring things did not go according to plan.
He was up against Adalto Prado in the Octagon and thanks to Prado and his left kick, it was the fastest loss in the promotions history. It seemed as though the horn had just been blown to signify the start of the match and Prado delivered a hard left kick to Silva who was went down HARD.

Prado got on top of him but was quickly pulled off by the ref who had recognized that Silva was knocked out and probably concussed. By the 36th second in the fight, Prado was already just watching the ref make sure a laid down Silva was alright.
Prado knelt behind them and did some kind of mediation poses with his palms out and face upwards. Prado’s & Silva’s entourage quickly ran into the ring. Prado’s lifted him up to celebrate his victory.