TUF: Team McGregor vs. Team Faber – the Skirmish

McGregor on Dillashaw: “A little snake in the grass”

‘Hearty’ relations between UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor and Team Alpha Male leader Urijah Faber just had to influence the whole spirit of The Ultimate Fighter current season. This time ‘it was close to blows’, as Conor McGregor says in this short clip. Judging by the video it’s hardly possible to say what had caused the skirmish and why Conor teased one of the Team Faber guys. Besides, more than a half of the speech is bleeped so it’s pretty hard to say what had happened.
Close to blows or not but it looks like everyone was stunned when one of McGregor’s guys told the Team Faber member to ‘watch his underwear’ – his reaction is absolutely priceless and is actually one big ‘WHAT???’. Things like that happen when people try to sound cool speaking non-native languages.
So at first the whole situation was tense, then it turned funny and then… TJ Dillashaw appeared on the scene. That’s when things got really heated, as McGregor shared his opinion on TJ’s recent leaving Team Alpha Male. Conor did that in his usual manner, showing no mercy neither for Dillashaw, nor for Faber. Despite the fact that both the Team Alpha Male mentor and the renegade apparently have said everything they had to say in the media on the matter, it’s obvious that it’s not over yet. Dillashaw’s leaving might be sound from the business point of view but the look on his face when he hears McGregor’s words about ‘the snake in the grass’ shows that he also feels uneasy about it.