Top-20 submissions in UFC’s history!

Which one is your personal favorite? Watch Ronda at 5:00 mark!

We all love to see a good punch or a kick putting an end to a cage brawl but let’s admit – spectacular and entertaining as they are, strikes alone don’t make a decent MMA fighter. A guy who has developed wrestling or/and judo skills is very likely to dictate where the fight should go. And besides, competing on the ground is very often as exciting for the fans as it is in the stand up. This video selection which shows top-20 UFC submissions proves the fact that fighting on the mat doesn’t kill the fun but gives it a boost.
UFC Berlin
With all respect to the others, it’s UFC who can employ the greatest martial artists in the world. Alongside with most dangerous strikers there are submission experts – some of them show their best in this video. From UFC’s early years with Royce Gracie to the present days with Ronda Rousey (the only female winner in this selection), featuring such specialists as Frank Mir, Anderson Silva and Karo Parisyan – every second of this nine-minute long video is worth watching. Check it and vote for your favorite submission below.