Things you probably didn’t know about Mayweather

Mayweather: “There’s nothing else to accomplish”

Following his win over Andre Berto at MGM Grand in front of more than 13k crowd Floyd Mayweather was absolutely clear about his retirement in his post-fight interviews – his boxing career is over.
“I’ve accomplished everything, there’s nothing else to accomplish… Nothing else for me to prove in the sport of boxing”, stated the 38 year old undefeated world champion.
Thank God it happened, because the latest Mayweather’s fights were causing very mixed emotions: you realized that you’ve just watched one of the greatest boxers in action and at the same time you felt you just hate that GREAT kind of boxing. Mayweather’s victories were boring and inevitable like a German panzer attack.
It was just the same this time. Berto tried his best to make it a physical fight while Mayweather kept the distance, clinched, showboated, clowned around and finally out-pointed Berto. The judges’ verdict was 117-111, 118-110 and 120-108 in favor of Mayweather. So Mayweather’s total record by now is 49-0 with 26 knockouts. They say Mayweather equaled Rocky Marciano’s mark but it sounds like a sacrilege when you watch his latest fights. $300 million after completing the six-fight contract with Showtime – yes, it’s a perfect time to retire. From now on Mayweather will concentrate on his family life and managing Mayweather Promotions.
Now, if you feel like you want something else to remember about Mayweather except his boxing and huge earnings, take a look at this video. You’re going to find out that Mayweather actually suffered at least one loss in the ring, that he hates a food cooked in a microwave oven, that he soaks his cutlery in a glass of warm water before meals and that he had Justin Bieber accompanying him in a walkout. And yes, he has tons of money and a garage packed with luxury cars but these facts are not so weird and annoying as the Bieber thing.