Fighter makes his proposal in the cage

A great day for Baker – two victories in one night.

After a tense and exhausting fight with chronic leukemia, in 2011 the middleweight Bryan Baker celebrated his full remission with a win over Joe Riggs by knockout at Bellator 43. The fight itself was not very entertaining. In the opening round the opponents exchanged just a few shots, the first burst of action happening only with 1:40 to go, as Baker scored a good and nasty flying knee and suffered a counter hook. Before the bell Bryan Baker landed a head kick and another flying knee. The second round was just the same roller-coaster with little to watch in the beginning and plenty of action in the end. Baker threw several knees to Riggs’ gut, making him complain to referee Jason Herzog about a low blow. The fight was not stopped and Baker switched to punches, one short left hook going right on the button. As Riggs dropped to the canvas, Herzog intervened quickly to prevent further punishment.
What happened next, actually was much more entertaining than those two rounds. After Baker was announced a winner he stepped in the center of the cage and invited his girlfriend, Megan Vargas, to the arena.
Baker introduced Megan to the crowd at the First Council Casino Hotel in Newkirk, Oklahoma. “I’d like to call over my girlfriend, my beautiful girlfriend. This is my world, everybody. I love this girl so much. I have a question for her. She changed my life. She’s everything to me. I want to give her the world”, he said and then dropped to his knee asking, “I’ll ask, I hope and pray, will you marry me?” Now, who would say ‘no’ in this kind of situation? Only a Snow Queen could. Megan Vargas replied, “Yes,” thus ending the toughest time of Baker’s life which started with a cancer diagnosis.
Baker’s move was not an impromptu. “He told us he was thinking of doing it. He said, ‘Look, if I win, I’ve got something special I’d like to do’,” said Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney after the fight and added, “He’s battled through cancer, so I don’t think there’s anything he’d ask that I wouldn’t say yes to.”