The craziest boxing – 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 blindfold brawl!

“No peeping” is the only rule.

              An old action movie “Blind Fury” featured a blind swordfighter who was rescuing his friend’s son and, man, that was a tough job to do! Who, in sound mind, would agree to get temporarily blind if he was in for a fight – no one, you would say? Well, here are four guys who volunteered to fight blindfolded, everyone against everyone.
The video was shot in Italy in 1949, and, you know, there’s little surprise in it. In ancient Rome they had “andabatae” – gladiators who fought almost blind, wearing a one-eye hole helmet. Those fights were held apart of the bloody “main card”, for pure crowds fun and amusement. No wonder, descendants of the ancient Romans thought of something alike. The real reason why they should get four guys in the ring, blindfold them and make them fight is unknown. Maybe there was some scientific purpose to do so, but as we know nothing about it, we are going to take it as a comic video and sometimes it’s really hilarious. Besides, no one is severely beaten or injured here.
While centuries ago andabatae were cheered by the crowd, their twentieth century followers are encouraged by a woman, who walks by the ring and hits them with a boxing glove fixed on a long pole – and that’s why we call this video “the craziest”, not just “crazy”.
Actually, blindfold boxing traditions live today – they practice it in Thailand for example. But Thailand boxers are way too serious, even when they don’t see what they hit.