The cheapest one second Muay Thai knockout

A bitch move or a legit win – make your call!

You cannot say cheap moves and unsportsmanship are oh so very rare in combat sports. They are part of the game just as diving in soccer or hockey fights. Glove tap fake is, perhaps, the most common cheap move in fighting. And don’t we all love to watch how instant karma punishes those glove tap fakers with a counter punch or a vicious knee to the head? Unfortunately, sometimes even karma needs a rest and that’s when guys who fight like scum, happen to win.
Karma was in deep sleep on December 22, 2013 when two Muay Thai fighters, Rajchasie Pumphanmuang from Thailand and Suntu Myawaddy from Myanmar met in the ring in Bangkok, Thailand. Just as soon as the referee finished his pre-fight briefing, the opponents touched gloves and – what was that? Pumphanmuang, his glove still touching Myawaddy’s, threw a front kick that landed directly on his vis-à-vis’ jaw! Myawaddy dropped to the mat, one hundred percent knocked out.
Surprisingly, Myawaddy seemed to be the only one who thought something was wrong with the outcome of the fight. The referee ruled the bout a knockout and Pumphanmuang celebrated his victory while his opponent was trying to burn him down with his eyes.