The British heavyweight scores a brilliant comeback victory in Poland

It’s never over until it’s over.

There are fighters who are not unbeaten, who know the taste of a bitter loss well enough – and still they embody the spirit of MMA much better than some of the top ranked martial artists. London Shootfighters’ James “The Colossus” Thompson is just one of those. And if you spend a minute or a little more watching this video you’ll see what we mean.
When it was announced Thompson and Mariusz Pudzianowsky would lock horns in the co-main event at KSW 16 at Gdansk, Poland, Thompson was going through one of the worst periods of his MMA career. In ten fights he had before KSW 16 he lost eight times getting beaten by Kimbo Slice and Alistair Overeem among others. The battle with Pudzianowsky was another tough test – “Pudzian’s” record then was 3-1 with all three wins scored at the KSW events in front of the Pole’s fellow countrymen.
Pudzianowsky started with a fierce attack on Thompson, landing quite a number of nasty shots and also throwing the Brit to the ground early on. Thompson was forced to backpedal and his few would have doubted Pudzianowsky’s victory at that moment. However, “The Colossus” justified his nickname and didn’t surrender while his opponent couldn’t find Thompson’s chin and started to show the first signs of fatigue in the opening round already. As the blitzkrieg fight plan didn’t work good for Pudzianowsky, Thompson stole the initiative and took the Pole to the mat in the end of the first round.
The short break didn’t help Pudzianowsky to restore his stamina. A little more than a minute into the second round Thompson brought the game to the ground once again and found a brilliant chance to perform an arm-triangle choke. All Pudzianowsky could say after the fight was “I tried. I failed. I apologize to you. I’m sure I will be disappointed, but I will go forward.”
This victory seemed to give James Thompson an immense second wind. Despite the fact that the judges actually stole his victory in the same year’s rematch at KSW 17 – Revenge (the bout was first ruled a Pudzianowsky’s decision win, later a no contest via judging error), he scored four wins more, over Bob Sapp, Bobby Lashley, Colin Robinson and Eric Prindle consequently. The latest promotion which had Thompson on its roster was Bellator. However, “The Colossus” didn’t take part in Bellator 138 – The Unfinished Business rematch with Bobby Lashley due to an injury.