Terrible slam ends an amateur fight in 20 seconds

Smith: “Sux to win the way I did”

When Bob Mezzano was getting for his final amateur MMA fight, he probably couldn’t imagine its outcome in his worst night mare. His opponent was an Exile MMA welterweight title holder Aaron Smith, fighters were set to lock horns at Exile MMA Anarchy on April 11, 2015 in Cedar Springs, Michigan.
Twenty seconds after the start Smith grabbed Mezzano and slammed him so hard it almost caused a local earthquake. Bob Mezzano got out cold immediately and the referee intervened to prevent the punishment and bring in the medics. For half a minute or so the crowd and Aaron Smith were pretty scared wondering whether Mezzano would manage to get back on his feet. Fortunately, he did and what’s more – he even found enough strength to congratulate Smith on the win.
The fight was actually declared a no contest because of the illegal head plant slam. However, Aaron Smith was hardly aiming to hit his opponent’s head deliberately, and perhaps Mezzano, who didn’t land on his shoulder, should also be responsible for the verdict. After the fight he admitted it in his answer to one of the comments below the fight video on Facebook: “I believe it was a dump, I just didn’t defend it like someone. Else said I didn’t tuck my chin.” In fact Aaron Smith still became the winner as his belt remained with him.
“Sux to win the way I did but I thank God he (Bob Mezzano) was able to walk away! …It’s my job to hurt them (MMA fighters) but I’d rather not take a life… too much for my conscience”, Smith wrote on Facebook after the fight getting a friendly ‘like’ from Mezzano.