Teenage fighter rocks in the ring!

Reshat’s father: “He was born a fighter.”

“Since he was a little baby, he loved to punch”, says Adrian Mati about his son Reshat. Reshat is an Albanian American, hence his nickname – “The Albanian Bear”. You could think that nickname is a kind of an exaggeration, as the skinny teenager doesn’t look like a bear at all. But those who know Reshat better than we do, state that it’s fully deserved – Mati is strong, hard-hitting and ferocious.
Reshat is turning seventeen this September and he’s looking forward to get as much fighting experience as possible before the moment comes to start a pro career. The video we offer features a 13-year old Reshat and if you watch it you’ll understand why today he has an immense number of champ belts and titles. According to his wiki, Reshat is 2x Junior Olympic Boxing Champion, 7x North American Submission Grappling Champion, 5x Grappler Quest Jiu Jitsu Champion, 1x United States Silver Gloves National Champion, 5x IKF World Classic Champion and a member of the US Olympic Trials Boxing Team. Impressive, isn’t it?
Reshat entered the world of combat sports at the age of five and he started with jiu jitsu and submission grappling. Then the kid began training kickboxing and MMA, the last becoming his favorite. However, as children MMA is illegal in NY, it was very hard for Reshat and his father, Adrian Mati, to find a good fight.
Reshat’s coaches say, that “The Albanian Bear” is probably the most fearless teenager ever. “He’s so good, it’s hard to get him a fight. No one wants to fight him”, smiles Aureliano Sosa, Mati’s boxing coach. Akmal Zakirov, a two-time world kickboxing champion, who teaches Reshat kickboxing, said in 2013, when Reshat was fourteen: “It’s impressive to see him go up against the adults — 17, 18 years old. He never gets scared. He doesn’t back up or cry when he gets hit. Always goes forward and he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t get hit a lot, anyway, because of his technical skills and speed. He’s very fast, so the heavier guys can’t catch him.”
While Reshat works his way in amateur boxing and kickboxing, fans already discuss his future on the internet. Some think the guy could be a real treasure for UFC, when he goes adult. And you know, this doesn’t look like an overstatement.