Team Cage Fighting. Fighter scores 2 knockouts in 2 vs 2 mma fight.

One kid knocked out two dudes. Siberian guy wins the team fight left alone vs two rivals!

While Russia gets ready to accept the first UFC MMA show in its history, Russians MMA fighters polish their skills in numerous amateur tournaments. Team Cage Fighting show which took place in one of the largest Siberian cities, Krasnoyarsk, on September, 11th, 2014 turned into a real feast of martial arts. The fights were not divided into undercard and main event but a team bout of two MMA teams, “Mohammed Ali” and “Boevoy Ostrog” (“Fighting Fortress”), perhaps was the most remarkable.

Actually, the fight is very hard to describe – it lasted for almost twenty minutes and had an immense action per second rate. Arzymamat Idil and Turdubai Nurjigit (dark-haired team) from one side and Vitaly “The Predator” Rogatin and Dmitry “The Viking” Kononkov from the other wasted no time at all. The fight turned into a real drama when Dmitry Kononkov lost his personal fight by triangle choke and was sent off despite his protests. So it was just the time for “The Predator” to show all his strength and dexterity. Those who thought that Vitaly’s only goal would be to endure the fight as long as possible were all wrong. Check the mark of 1:57 of the video to watch the moment which is the essence of this fight. Rogatin cunningly dodges Turdubai’s attack and lands a perfect haymaker onto Arzymamat’s chin. One of the rivals is knocked out but Vitaly doesn’t stop and immediately throws the second one on the canvas. He was very likely get to ground and pound quickly but the refs had to stop the bout to help the KOed  fighter.

Unfortunately, the cell phone footage doesn’t show the whole battle which was scheduled for three rounds but needed an extra one to reveal the winner. The fighters kept grabbing the initiative from each other, tried their luck both on the ground and in the standup – well, each one of them deserved to win. Finally, after a successful takedown Vitaly mounted Turdubai and switched to G’n’P. Obviously, Rogatin’s rival was already exhausted. All he could do was turn his back and occiput to the opponent to lessen the punishment. And just in a few seconds he tapped the canvas for submission. “The Predator’s” TKO was great but his endurance is just awesome