Unsanctioned fight ends with a taunting fail knockout

It’s hard to get into trouble after you throw and receive punches for three rounds.

The BX Fight Club is not a promotion to get much attention in the media or among combat sports experts. While its popularity in the social media grows constantly, it remains an event not easy to gain access to. The best way to see the BX Fight Club boxing bouts is to get to know one of the fighters or organizers otherwise you have to check it online.
Two guys from Bronx, Hova and Will, are behind the BX Fight Club. While they keep their surnames in secret, as the fights are illegal, they willingly give interviews to the press. According to Hova, the main idea of the league was to reduce the amount of street violence and keep the local teenagers and youths from serious trouble.
“It is a positive movement by the community, for the community, to keep the kids away from violence and trouble. These kids who fight in here could be the same kids out there shooting each other. But here they hug each other before the fight and they hug each other after the fight”, Hova says, stressing that the league haven’t had any incidents since June, 2014 and it’s pretty hard to unleash a firefight after you throw punches or receive them for three rounds.
With the growing number of views on Youtube and the interest of such celebrities as Shaquille O’Neal, Yonkers rapper Jadakiss and others it’s no surprise that many people want the BX Fight Club to grow bigger and more public. According to Hova, the league now has several business offers on the table and considers making of a reality show. However, the main goal for the BX Fight Club remains giving the kids an outlet for anger and aggression, not earning money. “A couple of people bring in the business to us but we are trying to make sure that it won’t take us out of what we created”, said Hova in the interview to “Ebro in the Morning” at Hot 97 radio.