Taunting fail knockout

Fighter taunts his opponent and gets punished for it!

An amateur MMA bout from 2013 between Dan Lewis and Josh Coleman in Rogue Fights 22 – Ultimate River Throwdown at Win-River Casino, Redding, California, United States.
The fight starts and it’s Lewis who throws the first strike, a kick that doesn’t connect. He backs away and Coleman tries to press the action, with both of his hands down, moving awkwardly. Lewis tries to time him and throws another high kick, that misses once again. That doesn’t impress Coleman as he is still moving around with his hands down by his waist. He is looking to throw his first strike of the fight. Lewis again is looking to throw a kick, before he is able to get off with that left kick he gets hit by Coleman’s right hand as he exposes his chin. This seems to really frustrate Lewis and he tries to taunt Coleman by smacking his own cheeks, asking Coleman to hit him again. And he delivers right away without any hesitation as Lewis is moving forward he gets hit by Coleman’s right hand right on the jaw. The punch sends him to the ground face first, he  staggers and the referee decides to step in to stop the fight. There was no follow-up needed, he was clearly badly rocked. Coleman does some push-ups to celebrate his victory.