Taunting fail knockout

That’s what happens when you try to taunt your opponent with your hands down asking to get hit!

Ibrahim El Sawy is a middleweight fighter from Egypt. He was actually a part of the very first mixed martial arts championship held in Egypt called Egyptian Free Fighting Championship. ”Team Karam Salah” is also the very first Egyptian Fighting Team out there. ”Team Karam Salah” focuses mainly on Egyptian combative fighting and of course on mixed martial arts. Both Ahmad Hammer and Ibrahim El Sawy are a part of ”Team Karam Salah”.
Ibrahim El Sawy currently holds a 5-2 record according to Sherdog and is on a 3-fight winning streak, finishing all off his opponents in the first round.
I looked into Ahmad Hammer’s fight record to see if he was still around as a mixed martial arts fighter and he doesn’t seem to have much of a presence on the internet at all. This leads me to think that he really is not in on the mixed martial arts fighting scene anymore. After this embarrassing loss I don’t blame him either. It would be hard to show your face in the ring again after mocking your opponent like that and then getting knocked out. Ahmad Hammer had just finished mocking Ibrahim El Sawy and seemingly forgot that he was in the middle of a fight. This is when Ibrahim El Sawy had a chance to punch Ahmad Hammer and he did just that! Knocking out Ahmad Hammer. I hope that if Ahmad Hammer is still out there doing mixed martial arts that he remembers to keep his cool and definitely not to taunt his opponents anymore, atleast until the fight is over. He was doing pretty well against his taller opponent before he decided to show off taunting Ibrahim El Sawy, big mistake!