Amazing kickboxing comeback!

Tyrone Spong in a breathtaking fight at the GLORY 9 New York quarterfinals! Michael Duut knocks Spong down in the opening seconds but the Surinamese kickboxer recovers and drops Duut with a huge knockout punch.

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Two knockdowns and a knockout in less than a minute!

Davit Kiria demonstrates a great comeback in an exhausting fight for the GLORY lightweight title against Andy Ristie. After being floored with a vicious knee, the Georgian fighter got his bearings and destroyed Ristie with two knockdowns and a knockout in the closing seconds of the bout.

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A well-timed counterpunch knocks out a kickboxer!

A rematch that all kick boxing fans were longing for, comes near as Nieky Holzken wins the Glory welterweight title and is heading to face Joe Valtellini again. Last time these two met it ended with a Holzken’s win by TKO (right hook), Valtellini having suffered a brutal punishment.

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